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The Commonwealth Bank is the largest bank in Australia. With a variety of awards, the CBA is dedicated to providing a high level of service to its customers by offering competitive products.

Founded in 1911, the CBA now has Australia's largest banking customer base. In Australia, there are over 1,000 CBA branches, over 3,300 ATM's, over 3,800 Australia Post agencies and more than 187,000 EFTPOS terminalsand now operates in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji, and China.

To provide the one of the best banking experiences in Australia, the CBA focuses on:

  • Customer service - CBA ensures their clients are well looked after by knowledgeable, friendly and proactive staff.
  • Technology and operational excellence - with services such as online banking, the CBA aims to protect their customers by implementing new and inventive ways to protect their customers and offer easier banking experiences.
  • Trust - by encouraging teamwork and collaboration where staff feel valued.
  • Profit - by offering customers a competitive range of products and services.

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