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With over four million customers, ANZ offers a wide range of products and services to individual customers, small business, retail and corporate clients. ANZ now operates in more than 30 countries in Australasia, the pacific, Europe, the US, Asia and in Dubai, with the main headquarters located in Melbourne.

With over 170 years of experience in the banking industry, ANZ concentrates on:

  • Customer service - ANZ ensures their clients are well looked after by helpful and friendly staff.
  • Marketing and sales - ANZ focuses on the client's needs, making sure the right product is found for their clients.
  • Technology - ANZ is a forerunning in technology, with services such as well protected online banking.
  • Performance - ANZ is committed to providing their customers the best service in all areas.

ANZ is heavily involved with the local community and sponsorship ventures. ANZ has made a commitment to help improve the environment, being involved with the Carbon Disclosure Leadership index and United Nations Environment Program.

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